If you're looking for a solution to increase productivity and cut expenses with your shipping/fulfillment in Tampa Bay and nearby cities, you're on the right place.

Fulfillment support

We've got you covered in Florida.


We take your medical supplies to hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Legal Documents

We can handle multiple destinations on the same delivery window.
We enhance your delivery services with end-to-end route planning, automated dispatch and real-time tracking.
We create the most efficient path for any mode of transportation.
Real time chat/call support system between driver and customer.
Have your orders auto assigned to the nearest and available delivery agents.
Download our mobile app to track your shipment in real time.
If required, we can generate a barcode for scanning so that we can verify that your order has been delivered to the right person.
Our drivers can scan barcodes, add notes, images, and collect digital signatures if required.
Customers receive email/SMS with the expected time of arrival.


It's all about passion, customer service, expertise, and technology. We've developed our own technology platform so that we're able to add smart features for a smooth delivery experience.
Human and technology working side by side.
We can handle single and full load shipments of all sizes.
Although we usually operate from 8 am-9 pm, we can also work overnight if required.
Our technology and trained drivers make sure your shipment is delivered on time.


1- 833-984-3038

Our Expertise is the Best in the Logistics Service

Our company offers a comprehensive range of express, times and easy economy delivery services. We provide affordable postal.

Express Delivery

Organically grow rates

Our company provides warehousing and distribution from our HQ. Our company provides warehousing.

Timed Delivery

Override the digital

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination and at the end of the day.

Economy Service

Workplace diversity

Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital.

Our team


We take it seriously and with care.

We handle fast deliveries that need to be handled with care and are under a strict time restriction. We provide out-of-box and excellent courier services, including high tech and selected drivers, allowing us to manage and track parcels, medical supplies, and sensitive document deliveries for competitive prices.


We help businesses reduce the stress and cost of their overall logistics, including end-to-end fulfillment and customer service.

From point A to point B, we’ll take your shipment directly to your customers. By partnering with us in the Tampa Bay area, you’ll be able to have a local distribution operation to be responsible for the delivering of your products to the end-user in a fraction of the cost. Additionally, you’ll have a partner that knows the community, which makes the delivery faster and dynamic. Whether or not you have a super demand on a daily basis, your logistics will be fulfilled accordingly at all times.

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About Us

It all started as a side job delivering parcels for Amazon, as well as newspapers for the Herald Tribune (A New York Times Company).

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Our call center is available 24/7

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